Science Hack Day, Berlin: For Science-Lovers, Free-Thinking-Hackers

register now 24./25./26.Betahaus Berlin
register now 24./25./26.Betahaus Berlin

So Science Hack Day Berlin is finally there… man your keyboards and steel yourselves to register for the second ever, most awesome Science Hack Day Berlin! Today you can secure a space for your body and your ideas among other scientists, developers, engineers and makers.. for 48 hours of fun, with science. MaketechX is supporting all the makers and creators with their mobile Lab.

Science Hack Day Berlin 2014
24-26th October
Betahaus, Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20, 10969 Berlin


Science Hack Day Berlin
Science Hack Day Berlin

Just as last year, Science Hack Day is free. Thanks to our sponsors we can provide food, caffeine, a big box of electronics, machines and hacker-friendly environment for one whole weekend. From you we expect nothing more than ideas, favourite hardware, sweat, and smiles.

To make sure we have a nice balance of participants, we have reserved spots for 4 different categories of science hackers:

  • Scientists: Science students, PhD students, postdocs, even group leaders
  • Developers: software and hardware developers
  • Designers: graphic, interface, web, interactive, industrial, … designers
  • Enthusiasts / Freestylers: includes everyone who has great ideas, is excited about scientific experiments or is a renaissance person.

If you have kids and would like to bring them along, please let us know (you’ll be asked on registration) – we’re trying to fix up a little entertainment for our most junior hackers.

Space is limited, so sign up fast!


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Can’t wait? Get started already!

If you want to get going right away we’ve created a facebook group and a couple of etherpads — one for hack ideas, one for datasets — for everyone to use. Meet your future co-hackers, volunteer equipment or data, pitch your ideas, and get cracking.