The “Cube Factory” – shows how sustainable production is superior to the traditional way

How can we implement the idea of sustainability in production processes?

This question defines the work of Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Muschard. He’s a research engineer at the Institute of Machine Tools and Factory Management at the Technische Universität Berlin and also works for the Collaborative Research Centre 1026 – Sustainable Manufacturing that intends to demonstrate how sustainable manufacturing embedded in global value creation is superior to traditional paradigms of management and technology.

Bernd Muschard - performance on the cube
Bernd Muschard – performing at the cube Photo © Stefan Röhl


At the MaketechXconference 2013 he presented the “Cube Factory” or “All in one Cube”. This device contains of everything which is necessary to produce “things”. The cube has a plastic recycler, 3D printer, solar panels and a knowledge module which controls the whole cube.

So, all in all,  this cube is able to recycle used plastic garbage and produces new filament that a 3D printer needs to print prototypes.

Bernd Muschard (r.) with his colleague Dr. Jérémy Bonvoison (l.)
Bernd Muschard (r.) with his colleague Dr. Jérémy Bonvoison (l.) Photo © Stefan Röhl


Watch the video and get inspired by listening to Bernd Muschard himself explaining the idea, the features and future plans of the “Cube Factory”.



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