Call for experts – Build a MOCI: an interview with Nils Hitze @ MaketechXconference 2013

MOCI – the future of open bandwidth

Imagine you are at a huge event with maybe thousands of participants and you have full speed internet access. Not possible? At the MaketechXconference we’ll have a kick-off to solve this challenge. Therefore we shout out for experts to begin an episode of make-a-thons figuring out a solution. Our topic: MOCI. Our need: you!

One integral component at the conference will be the make-a-thon MOCI – organized and moderated by Nils Hitze. We had a quick chat with the Munich-based Make Munich founder about this project. His drive, his expectations and hard facts. Read along:

Nils Hitze
Nils Hitze

What is MOCI?

The short term MOCI means “Massive Open Communication Infrastructure” and includes the challenge of implementing a non limited bandwidth which can be implement everywhere. So, MOCI takes care of the problem regarding limited bandwidth and mesh network.

Why do we need a MOCI?

Collaboration means communication – but it’s always the same problem when it comes to big events: The quality and quantity of the communication regarding the digital substitute of data is limited by the level of the bandwidth. At events with over 5000 people there is no guarantee for stable local wifi. That’s why we want a stable local wifi with a strong internet connection. This upgrade of wireless internet connection enables people to bring their effective collaboration on a higher level and creates more chances to persuade users into creators. Currently there is no “out of the box solution” which guarantees to build up and maintain a stable network for a large number of people.


What are your plans for the MaketechXconference?

There are already existing ideas and projects for  mesh-networks or satellite based systems. Unfortunately these projects are facing the usual open source dilemma – too many people with too many different ideas who are not connected. We want to make a change. At MaketechXconference we want to be the first designing blueprints for a functional prototype. In addition to that we will connect each other with already existing collaborations and open source teams which evolved first solution approaches and we will document the whole process.

Under which conditions is MOCI best operated? What is important in case of open source, pricing, scaling, locations?  

MOCI has to be an open source project, everything from software to hardware, otherwise it makes no sense at all. The scaling refers to the feasibility and the pricing depends on the systems and the possibility of using for example obsolete electronic goods. If I think of the locations, I’d say: “Sky is the limit.”

When do you expect it to be working?

The challenge of a stable open communication is not new. That is why we first have to get an impression of what’s possible, so we can estimate where we want to go and where we actually can go. But I think a prototype is realistic for the first months of 2014.

What can we expect from the first make-a-thon?

The first step is to get together and get connected, so we know who (experts, projects, status quo of these and other variable components) will be involved in the project.

Which initiatives do you think of?

There is Ardusat, but this are satellites used for communications, navigation, and observation and scientific purposes. Then there is Loon a Google project – IMHO this is still a show project. Last but not least – Hackerspace Global Grid and the Freifunk community.

Under which licence is the development processing?

The subject of licences it not my area of expertise, but we will have the eye on what brings the best effect at minimum risk.

What are the biggest obstacles that have to be challenged?

Not to come to a standstill long before we accomplished our goals to full satisfaction.

Your DreamTeam – what skills do they bring along?

UX designer, hardware hacker, developer, consultancy by lawyers and an awesome project manager.

When the prototype is accomplished, what is next?

More make-a-thons, status meetings and hack & tell demonstrations on a regular basis. Especially the demos are an important link to the community, in order to show: “Look here, something new is going on!”.

Is the data going to be fully encrypted?

Yes, that is our aim.

Who is gonna be in charge?

The team. In case of disputes –  we are!

How many people do you need for the best output?

Rather a few good ones, than too many. Experience has shown that big decisions are slowed down by too many deciders.

We got your attention? You want to make a difference?

Join the MOCI make-a-thon – make the future happen. Or you might know somebody who can bring some useful skills please contact us.

We are looking for: system administrators, mesh network experts, people who know the laws that are applicable when it comes to frequencies / ham radio and wireless connections, designers, project managers and of course developers and hardware gurus.


Join the the MOCI on the 8th of November, as part of the MaketechXconference from 5pm – 10pm.

Contact us here: Contact and tell us your “field of interest” and “what you’d like to work on”.

More information on the MOCI make-a-thon or the organizer Nils Hitze click here: MOCI.

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